What's it like to work with a dietitian?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Is it surprising that people diet for a little while, stay motivated and then slowly revert back to whatever they were doing before? Not really. Our body knows more than the greatest scientists what it needs and when. That’s why when we eat for example, chips, (also random loads of coconut oil, protein shakes, and other processed foods) well we can just keep eating them and consequentially our smart signaling can easily detect not enough nutrients were gathered, keeps on signaling, and the hunger continues to haunt you throughout the day!

The problem with cutting out food groups, macronutrients, and in some cases just totally random foods (notice that registered dietitians are never the ones creating these random “diets” …. Cue confused emoji!) is that the root of the issue is never being addressed. In fact, similar to this analogy image I made, these “diets” are practically just flat out missing the mark!

Lifestyle medicine, is an approach to long-term health that pinpoints ways to achieve a balanced behavior change using mindful, practical and sustainable techniques. In fact the reason latest research show more than 80% of people "quit their diets" is that typical un-educated dieting lacks proper nutrition to live sustainably. Our bodies uniquely require:

Dieting Misses the Mark

Vitamins & Minerals:

9 Water soluble

4 Fat Soluble

5 macrominerals

9 microminerals


8,000-11,000 units/day RDA

Amino Acids:

8,000-11,000 units/day RDA

Fatty acids:

3 essential Omega 3’s

Every single day!!!

Weeks or days of not consuming even one of these compounds, can create a cascade of negative side-effects, and as so commonly seen, chronic under consumption can lead to disease.

At Whole Cruzine, we teach you how to rebuild your diet to stop cutting out separate food groups and start looking at how functional food can be, getting you to your absolute healthiest self and staying there for life! We are our own testimonies of this message as well as the clients we are working with who are dramatically learning how to re-build their own diets, one meal at a time!

We invite you to schedule a free consultation and determine how dietitian services would benefit your long-term health success or visit www.wholecruzine.com to learn more. Don't wait, experience this shift for yourself and stop being afraid of food once and for all!

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