Learn how to eat nutritious meals that taste great

Would you like to have healthier meals but find it difficult to "give up" your favorite foods? Want to desperately stick to a weekly menu but not sure where to start? 


Working with a registered dietitian can expand your knowledge around healthy eating to prevent disease while sticking with the foods you already love! Our in-network clinic makes having expert quality nutrition advice attainable for your specific nutrition needs. Our insurance based nutrition visits take place once per month and are billed to your insurance company, usually at no out of pocket cost to the client. The majority of our clients experience tremendous success with their nutrition after just 3 to 6 visits with the dietitian.

If you want to prevent disease or manage an existing condition with better nutrition with an expert who truly understands, validates and supports your specific needs schedule your first visit today, you will leave feeling empowered and confident in a healthier way of living! 

How Insurance Based Nutrition Can Help You

  • Discover Meal Planning with a Busy Lifestyle

  • Understand the Science Around Cravings, Hormones and Food/Nutrition

  • Make Healthy Food Selections When Eating Out

  • Build Disease Prevention Strategies Using Food and Lifestyle Changes

  • Empower a Healthier Mindset Around Eating

  • Feel Confident About Your Diet Preferences

  • Navigate Emotional Eating Rooted from Family Conflict 

  • Eliminate Guilty Feelings Around Certain Food Groups

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle After Major Health Change (such as a recent surgery or diagnosis)

  • Identify Speciality Diets and Meals Based on Your Cultural and Spiritual Preferences 

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Why choose TrueU for my health & wellness care?

Health (or the journey itself) should not rule our lives. Often times individuals may commit to a strict plan, only to wander back to more familiar habits within a few months. That's because the level of "upkeep" some diets need can be exhausting to maintain. At TrueU, our Austin nutrition consultants believe in offering functional medicine for our clients that emphasizes personalized advice while preserving normal lifestyle habits as best as possible. Our nutrition consultants in Austin help clients understand their underlying biochemistry, tailor a plan that fits their current metabolism and offer unique ways for blending new habits into everyday life.

Can I use FSA, HSA or Insurance?

Yes, we accept insurance from various payers for in-person and Telehealth nutrition session. 4 out of 5 in-network plans are covered at 100%. Health Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts may be used to cover the co-payment if indicated by your insurance provider. 

Still have questions about getting started?

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